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Even When We Fight It, The Good Shepherd Really Does Lead Us to Quiet Waters — 7 Comments

  1. Patty
    Thank you for sharing this vingette from your life experience and the Word of God. Your embrace of loving and rearing Tommy has demonstrated the power of the Great Shepherd in daily life and growth. Well done, Mom.

  2. So beautiful, Patty! Your family has been on quite.a journey of following the Shepherd as you hear His voice and follow. May Tommy continue to know that Voice deep in his spirit that provides him with assurance of His love that brings peace to his spirit.

  3. Beautiful, and very timely for me. We adopted three children from foster care just last year, and they had been in foster care 3 and 1/2 years, and in 9 different homes. The oldest, a boy, is now 12, and he is on the autism spectrum, and goes through much of what you described in your writing. Thank God for His peace. We are watching God heal him, mold him, and shape him into the young man he was created to be. Thank you for sharing Patty.

    • Thank you for sharing, Michelle. How blessed are those three children because you followed the call to share the Father’s love with them. It is the most precious, powerful thing to watch how the Lord touches young lives so starved for his affection and affirmation. I’ll be praying for you. Many blessings to your family!

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