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Why do we Focus on the Cross More Than the Resurrection? — 4 Comments

  1. Patty, I have really been thinking about the cross and what Jesus did. They couldn’t tell he was human form. His body was so deformed by the punishment but also our sin, our sickness our emotional stuff etc. We do not realize the spiritual victory taken there. We were made righteous which was proven by his resurrection. Jesus said “FINISHED”. I love to watch Joseph Prince Calvary Animation Video ( Jesus at the Cross) on you tube. Thankyou for your post.

    • It is so humbling to think of the amazing love Jesus had to suffer so much–and you can’t have resurrection without the death. Blessings to you, Linda. May the Lord bring you even deeper into His revelation this weekend.

  2. Patty,
    This is a worthy discussion that helps us to go beyond dichotomy to the fullness of both identification with humanity in suffering and identity with God in Christ. Thanks for opening it up to us.

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