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Winter Seasons: Trees Unmasked, Poem — 8 Comments

  1. Patty,
    You’ve captured an essential truth of life that seasonably responsive trees illustrate. Behind our outward presentation of identity and activity as experienced by others are necessary structures of support and seasons of rejuvenation.

    Keep observing life and creatively communicating it!

    • Thank you, Keith, for affirming that the leaves are good and godly as part of who God made us to be, but they are nourished according to his strength in our inner soul.

  2. Really enjoy the poem. I think of trees in the winter and how they can look like delicate lace with a backdrop of moonlight. And then I think of the roots, hidden and reaching out, giving strength. Oh the wonders of the Wonderful!

    • I thought of you, Carol, and knew you would be one to appreciate the beauty of winter trees! And roots are another aspect of who we are… musings for another poem!

    • Thanks for your beautiful words, Priscilla. Yes, it’s the stuff of growth. If we refuse to process through the seasons in our lives, then we don’t grow.

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