HealthyLeadersAuthor: Keith Yoder
Healthy Leaders 3rd Edition, Revised and Updated!
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Expand your leadership with a clear sense of identity and direction.

Keith - Jeremy, lowKeith writes from decades of experience in mentoring and consulting Christian leaders in all walks of life. Recommended for seasoned leaders as well as leadership training. Healthy Leaders embraces but goes beyond leadership competence to empower you to intentionally fulfill God’s purpose for your life in with wisdom and spiritual health. You can increase in fruit and kingdom purpose as you experience your potential for peace, joy and righteousness. Embrace the identity and direction God has given you, just as Jesus received His identity and direction from the Father.

Healthy Leaders Sample Pages

Chapters include:

  • A Clear Sense of Identity
  • Direction in Leadership
  • Identity in Leadership
  • Service in Leadership
  • Character in Leadership
  • Leaders in Community