Keith Yoder with Patricia Tillman

You know the theology of Christ-like leadership; now partner with Christ—real time!—in the practice of it

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Discerning the Wisdom of Christ as Real-Time Partners with Him
For Business, Non-Profit or Congregational Leaders

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Presence-Based Leadership is vital in our unstable political and cultural environment. Not a program. Not a technique. Not another fad, but a posture for discerning the wisdom of Christ. Every leadership situation presents new and different challenges, but Christ knows every factor, every heart and motive, the present, past and future. How else can we dare lead but from discerning the wisdom and direction of Christ?

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Keith Yoder,
 Ed. D., Author
Founder of Teaching the Word Ministries (1987)

With over 30 years of experience in mentoring, training, and consulting leaders, Keith has seen numerous leaders and leadership teams move into healthy relationships and Christ-centered productivity. Keith is an educator, ordained minister and spiritual father to leaders in businesses, ministries, and congregations. He assists men and women to confirm their God-given identity and direction. Keith delights to coach leaders and their teams to successfully embrace the culture of living and leading from the presence of Christ.

Patricia Tillman, Author, Editor, Speaker, Blogger
Patricia has served in teaching and leadership development to help people reach their fullest potential in Christ’s purpose.

What’s still missing in Christian leadership?
Move beyond trying to juggle leadership tips, techniques and methods. Finally lead as the Creator intended from the beginning—from the posture of Christ’s Presence, hearing His direction and aligning with Him to establish His government in your sphere of leadership.
  • Surveys to help you build strategies for bringing yourself and your team into Presence-Based Leadership (PBL)
  • Many real stories of leaders who overcame many obstacles for increased productivity through PBL
  • Practical, real-life model for establishing PBL in your team meetings
  • Jesus’ radical model for leadership in His body
  • The power of leading in towardness, the attitude of the Godhead
  • What is leadership “metron” and how to flourish in it as a son of God
  • How your team can flourish by implementing the dynamics of authority and responsibility in a healthy way
  • How to accurately hear the Shepherd’s voice in your team discernment


“This book is the magnum opus of Keith Yoder’s lifetime of living, leading in, and teaching Presence-Based Leadership. Keith mines biblical truth with fresh, rich insight and provides a solid foundation for leaders to progress in oneness with God and their teams. Personal examples, stories from other leaders, and practical action steps are masterfully woven together to inspire, challenge, enrich, and equip leaders.
Far from a fad or a flash in the pan, this book presents a timeless paradigm that is simultaneously life-changing, life-giving, kingdom-advancing, and God-honoring. You’ll want to read it again and again, recommend it to your entire team, and live it out together.”
– Lisa Hosler serves as president of Susquehanna Valley Pregnancy Services, Lebanon and Lancaster Counties, PA. Lisa’s blog; LifeSource for Leaders